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My people! 🙌 Robert Sterling (@RobertMSterling) here. Before we dive into this, my lawyer—a distinguished counsel by the name of Bartholomew J. ChatGPT III, Esq.—would like me to share this disclaimer:

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Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re someone like me, who has found SMB Twitter to be one of the most powerful communities you’ve ever encountered. Members of this community:

Despite this amazing culture of support and positivity, however, I’ve long felt that we have something missing:

We have top-tier searchers and operators raising capital and closing deals on a daily basis. Many of these people would love to have investors in their deals who share in the positive spirit of SMB Twitter.

We have investors—sharks, whales, whalesharks, or whatever your aquatic animal of choice is—looking to deploy capital in SMB transitions. Many of these people would love to support entrepreneurs who share in the positive spirit of SMB Twitter.

What we do not have, outside of informal back-channels in Twitter DMs, is a way to systematically connect these two groups.